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Ruslingo is a translation agency in India providing individuals, businesses and government organizations with quality translation services. Globalization has opened new opportunities in a wide range of industries and created an increased need for communication with customers and colleagues in countries around the world. Without the language skills needed, your business opportunities are limited in non-English speaking nations.

If you need translation services, we invite you to contact us for a quote and to discuss the scope of your project. Because each translation job is unique and has specific requirements, the cost of professional translation can vary. Please complete the form on our website with your information and some details about your project. We will respond quickly to assess your needs and provide an accurate quote for professional translation services.
We offer translation services to clients from various cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, bangalore as well as international locations such as Dubai, London, New York etc.Besides providing translation for major European languages we also have started provided Hindi to English translations.

Technical translation requires a unique skill set compared to other types of translations. Without an understanding of the subject matter and terminology used in the specific area the accuracy and usability of the translation will be negatively affected. If you have technical documents that require Russian to English translation or English Russian translation, let the experienced professional translators at Ruslingo provide translations that will exceed your expectations.
The Internet has created global business opportunities for a broad range of industries. People around the world use the Internet to find information, products and services, which has created new opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audiences. Website localization is a method of adapting a website to the intended audience in other countries.

The globalization of business has created a need for businesses to communicate with other professionals and clients in countries around the world. This has resulted in a need for specialized language skills for effective written and spoken communication. At Ruslingo, we offer interpretation services and English translation services to translate documents to Russian, Spanish and Chinese language.

Medical translation requires a specialized set of skills that include language skills, medical knowledge, and attention to detail for precision translation. In addition to language skills, medical translators must have knowledge of medical terminology and the particular medical specialty, drug or medical device. Ruslingo provides medical translation services to pharmaceutical, clinical research and medical organizations interested in reaching clients in the former Soviet republics.